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Student activism signals new movement for social justice
Hayes Tang
The passionate and fearless pursuit of social justice by the student leaders of the Umbrella Movement in Hong Kong is compelling academics and administrators to re-examine the university-state-market dynamics shaping higher education.
World Blog
A digital ‘Arab Spring’ for higher education?
John Traxler
Will the technology revolution bring about the overthrow of the higher education system, and are university debates about mobile learning an attempt to make an education system work for a society that has literally moved on?
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Open society under threat from EU withdrawal
Nigel Carrington
Even in the digital age, knowledge happens because people with common interests can easily work alongside each other, wherever they come from. This open society is under attack amid widespread calls to restrict immigration and leave the European Union.
Failure to raise quality should ring alarm bells
Ranjit Goswami
Until and unless there is a focus by government on tertiary education outcomes, neither replacing nor restructuring the University Grants Commission will solve the acute challenges confronting the higher education sector in India.
The world needs more international higher education
Patrick Blessinger
How can higher education help prepare students to live and work in a globalised world? International higher education provides a meaningful way to help accomplish that goal.
World Round-up
Corruption rife in international student sector
Brisbane Times
Researchers welcome €5 billion science funding boost
Plan to create university system for Syrian refugees
National Public Radio
University of Amsterdam chief quits over student protests
Dutch News
Students return to streets over free education pledge
Saudi air attacks shut down universities
Al-Fanar Media
Student support for Liberal Democrats drops
The Independent
Ministry completes overhaul of university programmes
Hungary Today
SNP pledges support for lower English tuition fees
Times Higher Education
New international university aimed at expats
Arab News
Buhari urged to scrap foreign scholarships
Daily Post
Universities raise concerns over note-sharing website
CBC News
Dr Oz defends medical advice amid calls for firing
USA Today
Charlie Hebdo university event in Belfast called off
BBC News
Universities hit by increase in copyright licences
The New Zealand Herald
Students get academics to write essays for €50 an hour
The Irish Times
Report urges rethink on demand for STEM expertise
Mary Beth Marklein
The policy-making arm of the National Science Foundation last week poured a bucket of cold water onto the sometimes fiery debate about whether the United States faces a glut or a shortage of workers trained in science, technology, engineering and mathematics – typically known as the STEM fields.
Only three out of ten students graduate
María Elena Hurtado
Argentinian universities are graduating only three out of ten entrants – compared to six out of ten in neighbouring Chile and five out of ten in Brazil – and little is being done to increase retention rates, according to a new report.
Mergers should not be driven by cost saving – EUA
Brendan O'Malley
Cost saving should not be the primary goal behind university mergers, the European University Association has warned in a new report. The academic mission must take precedence at all times, it says.
Rise of the Islamic university
Wagdy Sawahel
Islamic universities are beginning to spring up in countries around the world with new institutions opening in the US, Italy and in some European countries. The aim is to provide higher education for immigrant Muslim communities and to tackle concerns about the spread of extremism among Muslim youth.
Mandatory student ‘experience’ in China raises fears
Yojana Sharma
A plan by the University of Hong Kong to bring in mandatory university exchange programmes to institutions in mainland China has caused an uproar among students, many of whom took part in last year’s pro-democracy demonstrations in Hong Kong and fear they could be barred from crossing the border or be held in China if they do so.
Call for all African universities to tighten security
Wagdy Sawahel
The Association of African Universities has “strongly urged” higher education institutions across the continent to strengthen security on campuses to ensure the safety of students and staff and the protection of property. The call came in the wake of numerous atrocities committed by religious fundamentalists against educational institutions.
Churches accuse Muslim scholars of ‘inaction’ over attack
Wachira Kigotho
In the wake of the attack on Garissa University College by Islamist al-Shabaab militants on 2 April, in which 148 people were massacred, churches in Kenya have accused Muslim scholars and clergy of not doing enough to condemn the insurgency or counter radicalisation.
German increasingly popular as a foreign language
Michael Gardner
Some 15.4 million students are studying German as a foreign language worldwide and German is becoming particularly popular in South America, notably Brazil, the Middle East and, above all, China and India, according to the latest survey.
Carnegie puts US$6 million into humanities programme
Casey Fabris, The Chronicle of Higher Education
A new fellowship programme dedicated to supporting the humanities and social sciences will give scholars in those disciplines a major financial boost and time to explore some of the most complex issues in society today.
Higher education and research versus xenophobia
Karen MacGregor, Munyaradzi Makoni and Tunde Fatunde
Xenophobic violence that erupted in parts of South Africa this month, leaving seven people dead, has outraged university communities and the ministries of higher education and of science and technology, all of which have come out in full support of international students and academics. The attacks also exposed gaps in research into xenophobia.
Foreign PhD graduates denied citizenship
Jan Petter Myklebust
Numerous foreign PhD students who apply for Swedish citizenship face years of delay or rejection, because they originally said on their application form when applying for a study visa that they did not intend to stay in Sweden.
The new frontier for international business schools
Wachira Kigotho
The risk of not being part of Africa’s fast-growing business opportunities is pushing business schools in Western Europe and the United States to start expanding onto a continent that is emerging as a force in the global economic enterprise.
Women’s university challenges gender bias
Linda Yeung
The founder of the Asian University for Women is on a quest to break down barriers to women entering higher education, especially those who are the first in their family to enter university, and to help them achieve their potential.

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