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Asia Lead Story
Steps to counter radicalisation of students by IS
Mohd Mizan bin Mohammad Aslam
Young people are particular targets for Islamic State or IS recruitment drives and several university and college students have been arrested in Malaysia for links with the terrorist organisation. More can and needs to be done to dissuade students from being radicalised.
Asia Commentary
Is China the new lodestar for Africa’s students?
Ross Anthony
China is aggressively competing to raise its universities’ international rankings and attract international students. African institutions increasingly hold degrees from China in legitimate esteem. Is this the start of a new world order?
Right time for Australia and India to engage on HE
Craig Jeffrey
The Australian prime minister and education minister were in Delhi last week pushing for more collaboration between the countries' universities. As providers from competitor countries such as the United Kingdom deepen their involvement in the Indian higher education sector, this is a crucial time for Australia to promote engagement.
Can Vietnam buck the Trump effect on recruitment?
Mark Ashwill
Latest figures for international students in the United States show significant decreases in students recruited from seven of the top 10 places of origin. The ‘Trump effect’ and the price of oil are among the forces at play. Vietnam is one of the few countries with rising enrolments. Will the trend continue?
The importance of universities not being American
Neal Koblitz
No foreign power should be allowed to dominate Vietnam's academic world. For Vietnam’s integrity and national security, it needs to have its own universities that contribute to and provide guidance on following an independent path free of neocolonial domination.
Do national qualifications frameworks work?
Wesley Teter
There is limited evidence that national qualifications frameworks do their job, whether improving learning and recognition outcomes or supporting the mobility of students. To build trust in qualifications we need to strengthen the evidence base for quality assurance mechanisms.
Asia Features
Attacks on universities, scholars, students unabated
Ameen Amjad Khan
Even as the international community is raising its voice against the killing of higher education professionals in Pakistan, the assassination of intellectuals and violent killing of students continues, with the latest victim a student killed on Thursday.
Racist attacks – Will African students shun India?
Maina Waruru
Following what are widely regarded as racist attacks on Nigerian students in India in March, there are concerns that the violence could contribute to making the country a less attractive destination for African students seeking higher education outside the continent.
Digital records to tackle fake qualifications
Ranjit Devraj
The Indian government is planning to digitise academic records as part of a drive against fake degrees and institutions at a time when companies are complaining of rising fraudulent qualification claims and prominent public figures are being challenged to prove that they are entitled to the degrees and qualifications they claim to have.
China takes on Hollywood with film studies tie-ups
Yojana Sharma
A rise in film studies collaborations between Chinese institutions and universities in Britain, America and Europe is part of China’s policy to become a post-manufacturing economy. The partnerships will help develop a skills base for a rising ‘Hollywood of the East’ in and around Shanghai.
Asia Round-up
Senate approves free public universities
Province appoints Party chiefs in private universities
Minister predicts reduced need to send students abroad
New Straits Times
More college graduates are coming home, figures show
Private universities urged to improve training, brand
VietNamNet Bridge
Call for stronger education partnerships with Europe
Jakarta Globe
Minister presses for action on university recruitment
Daily News and Analysis
Record numbers of graduates, but not all find jobs
The Conversation
Top university to open in Oxford
Think tank calls for autonomy for science institutes
Press Trust of India
Universities must uphold liberal values – Vice-president
Students protest cut in research seats
Low birth rate challenges higher education – Ministry
Focus Taiwan
What price will science pay for austerity?
Asia News
Vice-rectors resign en masse over anti-corruption rule
Suluck Lamubol
All 13 vice-rectors at Thailand’s prestigious Mahidol University resigned en masse at the end of last month after Thailand’s anti-corruption agency announced that the vice-rectors of public universities needed to declare their assets under a new law.
Second university ranking adds new overall category
Ranjit Devraj and Yojana Sharma
India’s second annual round of ranking of its universities and other higher education institutions released last week includes a new overall category, looking at institutions across all disciplines. The Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore came top.
India to deepen university and training collaboration
Brendan O'Malley
India has pledged to work with the Australian government, universities and vocational education trainers to establish themselves in India following the two-day visit to Delhi of a 130-strong delegation of Australian university and training leaders led by Minister for Education and Training Simon Birmingham and joined by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull last week.
University officials linked to lynching of student
Ameen Amjad Khan
Pakistan's apex court has started hearing of the case of the mob lynching of Mashal Khan, a student at Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan, after the crowd heard false accusations that he committed blasphemy. One student has alleged that university officials put pressure on him to testify that Mashal had committed blasphemy, which helped to stir up the mob.
New guidance on university tie-ups with mainland China
Mimi Leung and Yojana Sharma
New guidelines are to be drafted by Taiwan’s Ministry of Education for university agreements with institutions in mainland China after a controversy erupted recently over universities signing agreements not to teach 'sensitive' subjects that criticise Beijing policies as a condition of taking in mainland exchange students.
Police prosecute pro-democracy students and scholars
Yojana Sharma
Nine academics, former student leaders, former and current legislators involved in the 2014-15 pro-democracy protests are facing criminal prosecution, launched a day after Carrie Lam, Hong Kong’s new chief executive, was elected on 26 March by a mainly pro-Beijing 1,194-member electoral college. More than 200 academics from universities in Hong Kong and abroad have criticised the move.
Students end 150-day protest over for-profit campus
Aimee Chung
A five-month student protest over plans for a for-profit branch campus at South Korea’s most prestigious university came to an end after the university administration turned a water hose on the students the day after the country’s president Park Geun-Hye was ousted from office. Credit: Yonhap News
Sydney professor barred from leaving China
Yojana Sharma
The barring of China scholar Feng Chongyi from travelling back from China to Australia where he holds a position at the University of Technology Sydney has unsettled academia and could have an impact on China research and collaborations between Australian and Chinese universities generally, academics fear.
Uproar over violent mob attack on African students
Yojana Sharma
An attack on African students in India last week has caused an uproar among students in the country and has sparked an investigation by India’s External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj, who called the attack “deplorable”, while students said if the authorities failed to curb attacks, India’s aim to be an international higher education destination would be affected.
Professor allowed to leave after being questioned
Yojana Sharma
A Chinese academic barred from returning to his home in Australia after a research trip looking into China’s crackdown on its human rights lawyers, has been allowed to return to Sydney after a week of being prevented from boarding a flight home. Feng Chongyi said on his return he would continue his work in China.
American University reopens, defying threats of attack
Shadi Khan Saif
Defying threats of another deadly attack, the American University of Afghanistan has re-opened in Kabul with upgraded security. Classes restarted on Tuesday, seven months after militants stormed its compound, leaving 13 dead, including seven students and one lecturer, which forced the university to close down.
Ministry tackles research integrity after NTU scandal
Mimi Leung and Yojana Sharma
Taiwan’s Ministry of Science and Technology has said it will set up an Office of Research Integrity to hold researchers to ethical academic standards in the wake of a major academic fraud scandal at the country’s top institution, National Taiwan University or NTU, which has severely damaged its research reputation.
Net widens in university jobs for ex-officials scandal
Suvendrini Kakuchi
A scandal over former high-level government officials being given jobs at universities after lobbying on their behalf by the education ministry has caused a growing public furore and investigations into dozens of cases have been opened.
Asia Blog
Structural reform of higher education is needed
Datuk Morshidi Bin Sirat and Wan Changda
Cuts to Malaysia’s higher education budget could be an opportunity for the government to introduce systemic and structural changes to help public universities transform into more efficient higher education institutions.

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