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Asia Lead Story
A gloomy outlook for private higher education
Chau-Duong Quang
Private higher education has proven to be a successful model in many countries. However, this does not seem to be the case in Vietnam, due to many factors, including the battle between ‘private’ and ‘for-profit’ education and political sensitivities due to the country’s communist background.
Asia Commentary
Steps to counter radicalisation of students by IS
Mohd Mizan bin Mohammad Aslam
Young people are particular targets for Islamic State or IS recruitment drives and several university and college students have been arrested in Malaysia for links with the terrorist organisation. More can and needs to be done to dissuade students from being radicalised.
Is China the new lodestar for Africa’s students?
Ross Anthony
China is aggressively competing to raise its universities’ international rankings and attract international students. African institutions increasingly hold degrees from China in legitimate esteem. Is this the start of a new world order?
The multiple challenges facing HE quality assurance
Futao Huang
Quality assurance measures in East Asia are often overly bureaucratic, too controlled by central government, lack any student voice and need an international dimension. Too often it appears that the frameworks are not embedded in a real institutional ‘quality culture’.
A new dawn for Asian higher education regionalisation?
Roger Chao Jr
The launch of the Asian Universities Alliance can be considered the most ambitious Asian higher education initiative to date and looks likely to be in the vanguard of ongoing attempts to promote regional higher education collaboration and will contribute to solving unique Asian challenges.
Right time for Australia and India to engage on HE
Craig Jeffrey
The Australian prime minister and education minister were in Delhi last week pushing for more collaboration between the countries' universities. As providers from competitor countries such as the United Kingdom deepen their involvement in the Indian higher education sector, this is a crucial time for Australia to promote engagement.
Can Vietnam buck the Trump effect on recruitment?
Mark Ashwill
Latest figures for international students in the United States show significant decreases in students recruited from seven of the top 10 places of origin. The ‘Trump effect’ and the price of oil are among the forces at play. Vietnam is one of the few countries with rising enrolments. Will the trend continue?
The importance of universities not being American
Neal Koblitz
No foreign power should be allowed to dominate Vietnam's academic world. For Vietnam’s integrity and national security, it needs to have its own universities that contribute to and provide guidance on following an independent path free of neocolonial domination.
Outward internationalisation in action at INSEAD
Gabriel Hawawini
What makes for a successful internationalisation policy? INSEAD’s journey from France to Singapore highlights some of the factors that make a difference and might be useful for others considering similar internationalisation strategies.
Students today, leaders of globalisation tomorrow
Danny Quah
We need to prepare students for a future in which the world is becoming more Asia-focused but also, in the light of rising populist movements and disruptive factors such as the refugee crisis, we must teach them about the pros and cons of globalisation – and the intelligent management of it.
Asia Blog
New sources of cross-border HE are emerging
Hans de Wit
Increasing numbers of cross-border initiatives are being undertaken by institutions based in developing and emerging countries, particularly China, India and Russia, but also from Africa, Iran and a broad range of Asian countries. It’s a phenomenon that deserves more scrutiny.
Asia Round-up
University rushes to fill 4,000 permanent faculty posts
India Today
Hong Kong research funding shortfall hits HK$12 billion
South China Morning Post
World Bank offers support to autonomous universities
The Financial
World Bank grants US$100 million for higher education
Colombo Page
Plan for common engineering college test under review
The Economic Times
University to set up ninja studies centre
New regulation to prevent spread of campus radicalism
The Jakarta Post
Ministry sets target for student entrepreneurs
RSS now looks to 'saffronise' higher education
Daily News and Analysis
Social sciences university to champion lifelong learning
The Straits Times
University criticised for screening LGBTQ applicants
NBC News
Government considers limiting entry to Tokyo colleges
The Yomiuri Shimbun
Vocational training drives international student rise
The PIE News
Website continues to sell theses despite complaints
Global Times
Asia News
New Asian universities’ alliance to increase mobility
Yojana Sharma
A new alliance of Asian universities has held its inaugural meeting in Beijing pledging to increase student and faculty mobility between Asian countries to counter the tendency of professors and students to look towards the West.
University officials linked to lynching of student
Ameen Amjad Khan
Pakistan's apex court has started hearing of the case of the mob lynching of Mashal Khan, a student at Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan, after the crowd heard false accusations that he committed blasphemy. One student has alleged that university officials put pressure on him to testify that Mashal had committed blasphemy, which helped to stir up the mob.
New president to reduce tuition fees, jobs favouritism
Aimee Chung
South Korea’s newly elected president, Moon Jae-in, has made breaking down the near-monopoly of the country’s top universities on the best jobs a cornerstone of his campaign and has repeated a pledge made by different parties in past elections to bring down tuition fees – which are among the highest in the world.
In Asia, China’s universities worst hit by cyberattack
Yojana Sharma
Universities in several Asian countries have been affected by cyberattacks with possible consequences for research data as well as personal data of students and others. However, Chinese universities were worst affected by an unprecedented worldwide attack that began on 12 May, according to cybersecurity experts.
India deepens higher education cooperation with Egypt
Wagdy Sawahel
India and Egypt have unveiled a plan to strengthen academic, scientific and cultural cooperation between universities in India and Egypt, along with exchange of knowledge and best practices in teaching, research and administration. The plan includes setting up a joint institution, networking among universities in the two countries and enhancing student and academic mobility.
Court challenge to drastic PhD programme cuts at JNU
Ranjit Devraj
The implementation of drastic cuts to MPhil and PhD programmes at India’s prestigious Jawaharlal Nehru University, or JNU, in New Delhi must now await a final decision by the Delhi High Court, which is hearing a writ petition filed by a group of students challenging the reductions.
University calm after two foreign academics detained
Yojana Sharma
Pyongyang University of Science and Technology has said it is not issuing any particular instructions for the protection of its foreign staff in North Korea in the wake of the recent detention by North Korean authorities of two American professors teaching there.
New semester system forced on private universities
Mushfique Wadud
Bangladesh’s private universities are opposing a government move to reform the existing academic year ostensibly to streamline the curriculum and reduce tuition costs for students. In April Bangladesh’s University Grants Commission sent letters to private universities directing them to introduce a two-semester system by 2018.
Close Confucius Institutes on US campuses, NAS says
Yojana Sharma
Universities in the United States should close down their Confucius Institutes – teaching and research centres funded directly by the Chinese government – says a report by the National Association of Scholars or NAS, which examines details of the institutes' often-secret operations from contracts signed with dozens of US universities.
Record retractions put focus on research misconduct
Yojana Sharma
The research ethics of China’s scientists has come under the spotlight after a major international publisher retracted 107 medical research papers by Chinese authors – the single largest number of retractions ever recorded – after discovering irregularities in the peer review process.
Asia Features
Attacks on universities, scholars, students unabated
Ameen Amjad Khan
Even as the international community is raising its voice against the killing of higher education professionals in Pakistan, the assassination of intellectuals and violent killing of students continues, with the latest victim a student killed on Thursday.
Racist attacks – Will African students shun India?
Maina Waruru
Following what are widely regarded as racist attacks on Nigerian students in India in March, there are concerns that the violence could contribute to making the country a less attractive destination for African students seeking higher education outside the continent.
Digital records to tackle fake qualifications
Ranjit Devraj
The Indian government is planning to digitise academic records as part of a drive against fake degrees and institutions at a time when companies are complaining of rising fraudulent qualification claims and prominent public figures are being challenged to prove that they are entitled to the degrees and qualifications they claim to have.
China takes on Hollywood with film studies tie-ups
Yojana Sharma
A rise in film studies collaborations between Chinese institutions and universities in Britain, America and Europe is part of China’s policy to become a post-manufacturing economy. The partnerships will help develop a skills base for a rising ‘Hollywood of the East’ in and around Shanghai.
Law schools fighting for justice in a dirty drugs war
Brennan Weiss
University law schools are putting themselves and their students on the frontline in a battle to ensure justice in the anti-drugs war that has seen thousands killed during legitimate police operations and thousands murdered by unknown gunmen.

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