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Africa Analysis
African research universities to create hub of expertise
Max Price
The African Research Universities Alliance is working to build strong research capacity to grow new sectors and expand existing industries across the continent over time, by aligning Africa’s leading research universities into a hub of research expertise.
Africa News
Students protest over 8% tuition fees hike decision
Munyaradzi Makoni
Several universities in South Africa shut down or faced disruptions as student protests erupted in the wake of last Monday’s long-awaited recommendation by Higher Education and Training Minister Dr Blade Nzimande to allow universities to raise fees for 2017 by up to 8%.
Higher education hit by plagiarism scandals
Laeed Zaghlami
Plagiarism has been taboo for some and an open secret for others in Algeria, but is today a scandal that no one can deny – even though Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research officials are trying to minimise the problem. Some flagrant examples of plagiarism have emerged into the public sphere, and they appear to be the tip of the iceberg.
Virtual Institute for Higher Education in Africa reopens
Ard Jongsma
In January 2017, the Virtual Institute for Higher Education in Africa will reopen its digital doors with a new set of free courses to help African university lecturers face the challenges they meet in their everyday work.
Bertrand Mbatchi takes 2016 quality assurance award
Ard Jongsma
The 2016 GUNi Africa-AfriQAN award for distinguished service to quality assurance in higher education in Africa has been awarded to Professor Bertrand Mbatchi, secretary-general of CAMES, the African and Malagasy Council for Higher Education.
Global clearinghouse for refugee student scholarships
A new global clearinghouse to identify scholarships and opportunities and connect refugee students with resources they can use anywhere in the world was announced at the Institute of International Education in New York on Thursday.
Student loans board demands repayments from 1985
Malawi is implementing a law on student loans passed last year that will see more students in need of financial help at both public and private institutions receiving aid, while those who were assisted as far back as 1985 have been told to repay the money.
Controversy over university entrance tests cancellation
Tunde Fatunde
Recently-appointed Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board Executive Registrar Professor Is-Haq Oloyede faces a tough job as controversy continues around the cancellation of the Post Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination, a quality assurance examination conducted by individual universities to screen prospective students.
Ukraine and Russia dropped from medical studies list
Jane Marshall
A decision by the Medical Council of Mauritius to exclude Ukraine and Russia from its list of education centres approved to teach medicine has been condemned by the president of the Medical and Health Officers' Association, Dr Wassim Ballam, and the Ukrainian honorary consul, Dr Abdool Mohaboob Kureemun.
Robert Mugabe’s wife to build a university in his name
Kudzai Mashininga
Zimbabwe’s first lady Grace Mugabe is planning to build Robert Mugabe University in honour of her husband, who is one of the world’s most educated presidents.
Global News
UK takes top spot from US but slides in global ranking
Brendan O'Malley
The University of Oxford has become the first institution outside the United States to take top spot in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings, but two-thirds of the United Kingdom’s top 200 universities lost ground, and some other European countries also fared badly, as a second ranking in a fortnight shows the continuing rise of Asia at Europe’s expense.
Donor resigns over Chinese ‘political’ links scrutiny
Yojana Sharma
Facebook founder ploughs $3bn into disease research
Brendan O'Malley
Online ‘micro-masters' programmes extend their reach
Jeffrey R Young, The Chronicle of Higher Education
Reform ‘puts student disability support in doubt’
Michael Gardner
Business calls for rectors to be elected by boards
Jan Petter Myklebust
World Round-up
University to investigate data manipulation charges
Science Magazine
MP claims national student funding body has no money
Malay Mail
Universities ban start-ups from recruiting on campus
Universities use big data to improve graduation rates
The Globe and Mail
Spending per student among the world’s lowest – Report
Hurriyet Daily News
Sydney university reveals real admissions scores
The Sydney Morning Herald
Survey reveals universities’ fears post-Brexit
Dutch universities call for more research funding
Times Higher Education
Fees commission weighs in on fee increase issue
Germany, Sweden top list of cheapest study destinations
University criticised for using donation on scoreboard
Africa Features
Proliferation of universities brings mixed fortunes
Ramadan Rajab
As guns continue to fall silent in Somalia’s waning civil conflict, exponential growth has been witnessed in the higher education sector. But there are mixed reviews of the quality of education offered by the country’s new independent universities.
Data-intensive research capacity boosted ahead of SKA
Ochieng’ O Benny
A consortium of institutions in South Africa has been formed to establish a Western Cape Data Intensive Research Facility as part of the country’s National Integrated Cyberinfrastructure System. The aim is to dramatically increase data-intensive research capacity ahead of the global astronomy research initiative, the Square Kilometre Array or SKA.
Africa Briefs
Plan to open universities to their ‘surroundings’
As more than 1.6 million students prepared to start the new academic year in Algeria, Higher Education and Scientific Research Minister Tahar Hadjar announced a development plan to open universities to their surroundings.
Lecturers hold second strike to claim pay arrears
Lecturer-researchers from Niger’s public universities were last week due to carry out a seven-day strike – the second this month – over salary and research allowance payments that they claim are in arrears.
Transformative Leadership
Transformative Leadership: ethical values
In this Special Report University World News explores the role of universities in promoting ethical leadership and addressing ethical challenges in society and examines how higher education itself can take a lead in upholding ethical values.
The importance of moral leadership at universities
Stephen Heyneman
Universities must stand up for ethical behaviour because they are the teachers of future leaders. To do so they must have courageous leaders who understand the importance of ethics in a world where they can be held to account in a way that is unprecedented.
Ethics and the developmental university
Eric Fredua-Kwarteng
Developmental universities are a model for developing countries and they should have a distinct, ethical way of doing research, where the power in the relationship between researcher and research participant is evenly distributed.
Teaching business ethics
Margaret Andrews
After the global crash there was some soul-searching about business ethics and many courses started up. But do any of them work?
Ten principles to guide ethical internationalisation
Neal King
Ethics should be at the heart of universities’ mission and yet there is no global body overseeing ethical behaviour. In its absence, the United Nations Academic Impact provides a way for universities around the world to commit to high standards.
Solving the problems of medical brain drain
Gillian Brock
Carefully crafted programmes of compulsory service and taxation can reasonably balance the interests, freedoms and opportunities of all who are affected by brain drain, offsetting the losses of those who are left behind in an ethical way.
The long battle against academic corruption
Rui Yang
There have been numerous attempts to tackle corruption in Chinese higher education, but the problems are deep rooted and require fundamental changes to the academic incentive system.
UWN Webinar
How can we internationalise HE with technology?
University World News in partnership with DrEducation will be hosting a second international webinar, 'Embracing Technology for Global Engagement: A leadership challenge and opportunity' on 4 October. Participation is free if you register.
Global Commentary
THE’s global university ranking favours US and UK
Angel Calderon
The Times Higher Education ranking, with a new inclusion of book and chapter citations, seems weighted towards United States and United Kingdom universities, with institutions from developing and emerging countries making a relatively rare appearance.
Facing up to international students who cheat
Elena Denisova-Schmidt
Corruption back home, pressure on universities to accept international students and a focus on research rather than teaching contribute to a situation where overseas students are more likely to cheat than domestic ones. Universities should allocate resources to tackle this problem.
Public universities are facing a time of crisis
José Luis Mogollón
Universities in Venezuela are rapidly losing talent and are in desperate need of more funding from government and industry to prevent more academics leaving the country.

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