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Going Global 2016
Consensus, contradictions in African HE
Karen MacGregor
Whether Africa’s future lies in manufacturing beneficiation or the knowledge economy will be key to deciding what kind of higher education system must be built, says Dr Blade Nzimande, South Africa’s higher education minister. Meanwhile regional integration is essential – but African universities are not collaborating with each other.
Going Global - 2016
Going Global 2016
Some 800 people from around the world gathered for the British Council’s Going Global 2016 conference held in Cape Town, South Africa, from 3-5 May. This is the second of two weeks of reports on the conference by University World News.
Universities seek united front in open access debate
Munyaradzi Makoni
Both a unified front and a paradigm shift around access to knowledge were needed in order to deal with rising journal costs and exclusionary copyright provisions imposed by the mainstream academic publishing industry, a Leadership Dialogue on open access and African research publishing heard.
Universities and social enterprise in a global context
Karen MacGregor
Three in four of more than 200 universities surveyed globally are involved with at least one social enterprise, a British Council report reveals. Engagements range from placing students in social enterprises and offering accredited courses in social entrepreneurship to providing incubation spaces, support services and research expertise.
Higher education, quality assurance and nation-building
Munyaradzi Makoni
Recent multi-country case studies have highlighted the capacity of quality assurance in higher education to support nation-building in multiple ways, ranging from promoting a more open and transparent society to supporting economic goals and increasing graduate employability.
Universities worldwide champion UN gender initiative
Munyaradzi Makoni
A one-year pilot initiative under the United Nations HeForShe movement to engage governments, corporations and universities as instruments of change in advancing gender equality is gaining support, but challenges remain, the Going Global 2016 conference heard.
Special Report
Student Activism and Issues
A global rise in student activism and the centrality of student concerns to national politics and to higher education prompted University World News to collate this series of Special Reports looking into student movements and issues raised by them. The aim is to deepen understanding and debate on what is transpiring across the student world. We urge readers to disseminate the Special Reports to students. – Karen MacGregor, series editor.
University student fees – A trilemma of trade-offs
Nico Cloete
There is broad global agreement that to maintain a competitive edge in a rapidly transforming knowledge economy, countries need to invest more in higher education. The vexing question is what proportion the government, business and different income groups in society should contribute – because nowhere in the world is there ‘free’ higher education.
Dissident student discourses for social transformation
Carolina Guzmán-Valenzuela
Students have led the way in challenging the neo-liberalism underpinning higher education in Chile since Augusto Pinochet’s days. Despite having had a significant impact politically, they continue to protest and argue in favour of free, quality higher education.
Student movement builds a broader political platform
Suvendrini Kakuchi
In a dramatic turnaround in the past year, Japanese students and young people have shed their conventional image as docile members of society to become major players in national politics.
Politics and protest – Students rise up worldwide
Rachel Brooks
The last decade has seen an increasing number of student protest movements around the world, but what is driving them and why are some more successful than others?
World Round-up
Students stand up for public universities
Buenos Aires Herald
5,600 Syrians enrolled at Turkey’s universities
Anadolu Agency
Trump's emerging higher education platform
Inside Higher Ed
University students are open to more debt risk
The Australian
Universities’ mad boom represents shaky model
The Spectator
Law to crack down on violent university activities
Sudan Tribune
Student faces terrorism accusations for speaking Kurdish
Ministry to rank 73 agricultural universities
More students choosing vocational education
VietNamNet Bridge
State to advertise vice-chancellor jobs in press
Hindustan Times
‘Russian-style university’ to open its doors
Sputnik News
Helsinki University to offer degree in Somali language
Universities to launch trial apprenticeship schemes
The Straits Times
University bans boys and girls from sitting as a couple
Failing Haredi university programme to get extra funding
Over-recruitment of Chinese students threatens quality
The Korea Times
Education body reminds universities of flag’s importance
Deccan Chronicle
12 universities await new presidents
Arab News
Universities to team up with councils to boost regions
Times Higher Education
New interest at international education exhibition
Shanghai Daily
Africa News
Spike in university enrolment brings new challenges
Gilbert Nganga
Kenya’s total university student enrolment rose 22.8% last year, marked by increased female enrolment and driven by massive infrastructure development, the introduction of new courses and the opening of more satellite campuses.
Skills deficit a barrier to economic growth – World Bank
Wachira Kigotho
Cameroon’s ambitions to become a middle-income economy by 2035 are more likely to be realised if the country invests heavily in specialised higher education in engineering, technology and computer-aided management, according to a World Bank report promoting a demand-led approach to skills development as a strategy for industrial take-off.
University students expelled over anti-president slogans
Ashraf Khaled
Egypt’s state-run Beni-Suef University has expelled three students after they were found to have painted slogans on campus criticising the country’s president, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, over the controversial transfer of two strategic islands to Saudi Arabia.
CAMES ministers agree to harmonise university curricula
Jane Marshall
Ministers from CAMES – the African and Malagasy Council for Higher Education, which represents 19 Francophone African states – have agreed on measures to develop higher education.
French connections boost HE for leaders and employment
Jane Marshall
The African Training and Research Centre in Administration for Development and France’s elite HEC business school have signed an agreement to train leaders and high-level officials. Meanwhile, the director of the new Conakry-based EFGM, the first France-Guinea institution specialising in professionally oriented degrees, describes its founding and French influence.
Global News
Universities urged to set male student entry targets
Brendan O'Malley
Universities should set targets for male recruitment to improve the proportion of male entrants to United Kingdom higher education institutions, according to a new report that says the male share of entrants has reached a record low. The gender gap is biggest among the poorest, and young white males from disadvantaged families are performing worst.
EU eases visa rules for researchers and students
Brendan O'Malley
Brexit could scupper EU investment funding for universities
Yojana Sharma
New call for scrapping of unregulated tuition fees
Jan Petter Myklebust
Africa Briefs
Minister urges university-region development partnerships
Universities in Algeria must become ‘social partners’ in local and regional development, said Tahar Hadjar, minister of higher education and scientific research, during a visit to the Saharan province of El Oued to inspect new university projects.
Rectors draft proposals to modernise higher education
The heads of the seven public higher education institutions in Côte d’Ivoire have drafted proposals for a strategic higher education modernisation plan, in the wake of years of national crises and university closures.
Global Commentary
The new divide in English higher education
Paul Temple
The division between the business model university and the traditional university is widening with huge long-term implications for students. Many from the former will end up in debt, with no better jobs than they would have got if they hadn’t gone to university.
An international education strategy with no vision
Craig Whitsed and Wendy Green
The Australian National Strategy for International Education 2025 takes a neo-liberal approach to international education, which shifts the focus from education to services and products.
Transformative Leadership
Where higher education is a tool for tackling poverty
Paul Rigg
Sindy Patricia Ramos Pocón had to drop out of school to help her family survive. Now she is studying at university and leading a project to help poor families change their lives with support from university staff and peer discussions on leadership.
World Blog
Artificial intelligence will change higher education
Tom P Abeles
The way universities teach and research has been changing gradually in line with technological advances, but it is no longer possible to ignore the likelihood that artificial intelligence will bring transformative change to the sector.
UWN Webinar
Will TNE growth come at the expense of quality?
Is the growth of transnational education, or TNE, dependent on more flexible standards of quality? Or are we stifling innovation in TNE by putting up too many barriers for experimentation? In a webinar hosted by University World News in partnership with DrEducation on 24 May, a panel of global experts will debate and discuss the emerging issues.

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