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UNIVERSITY WORLD NEWS is the only online news global publication focusing on higher education, with world-class writers providing news and views on a daily and weekly basis.

With an ever-growing readership (average unique visitors reached 85,000 per month during the first third of 2013), this unique and important news portal provides an unrivalled global perspective on every aspect of higher education.

Regular topics include international university rankings and analyses, country comparisons, research and development issues, international student mobility, tertiary education systems, policies and reforms, funding and liberalisation, academic freedom, academic posts and job opportunities.

Academics, senior managers of universities and colleges, opinion formers, government officials and leaders of university associations all access the site on a regular basis, with 175,000 page impressions being recorded each month. In addition to the website, there are nearly 42,000 readers of the weekly emailed University World News and its Africa edition. Of these, more than 11,000 readers reside in Europe, more than 8,000 are based in Africa, nearly 8,000 in North America, nearly 5,000 in Asia and a similar number in Oceania.

Advertising in UNIVERSITY WORLD NEWS online and in the weekly emailed editions offers a unique chance to reach chancellors and vice- chancellors, professors, lecturers, higher education researchers, postgraduates, government policy makers, members of think tanks, senior administrators of universities and colleges – in fact thousands of buyers and specifiers of higher educational products and services worldwide.

Please contact Sarah Blake – sarah@impact-now.co.uk or +44 (0) 1525 370013 – to discuss what services UWN can provide to help promote your institution's activity.

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