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Fighting the politics of access to higher education
Aya Waller-Bey
Black and Latino students face double segregation at school due to economic and other factors, which narrow access to university. The new United States administration led by Donald Trump is likely to undermine attempts to counter this and any moves to make access more unequal must be resisted.
Leading universities’ response to rising nationalism
Dennis Murray
Promoting internationalisation of higher education in the current turn towards more nationalist politics – as shown by the vote for Brexit in the United Kingdom and the rise of Donald Trump in the United States – will require strong leadership and an emphasis on creative, collaborative and communication skills.
How should universities confront a post-truth world?
Ole Petter Ottersen
Universities need to defend academic freedom and research by re-establishing a respect for objective truth and powerful arguments. They must become trust-builders as well as truth-seekers by creating many more arenas for debate.
Despite Trump, US will still welcome foreign students
Mark A Ashwill
An open letter to Vietnamese parents and students interested in study in the United States: Don't let the result of a presidential election dissuade you from realising your dream. This is an especially good time to study in the US because educational institutions want and need international students.
Special Report
BRICS Universities Summit
University World News reports on the Times Higher Education BRICS and Emerging Economies Universities Summit held at the University of Johannesburg, South Africa, on 30 November-2 December, which explored the theme of "Reimagining the World-Class University".
Why universities need to rethink their reason for being
Stephen Coan
Universities were warned to think of their local regard and the pact between society and higher education, rather than "getting high" in ranking positions, at a time when the world appears to be turning against globalisation, at a BRICS and Emerging Economies Universities Summit held in Johannesburg, South Africa, recently.
Nobel laureate urges a return to reason on campuses
Stephen Coan
Nobel Prize-winning Nigerian playwright, poet and novelist Wole Soyinka declared the time had come for “desperate strategies” to battle “revelatory knowledge” on university campuses in Africa and around the world, in a keynote speech at the Times Higher Education BRICS and Emerging Economies Universities Summit in Johannesburg, South Africa.
University leaders journey into ‘unimagined’ terrain
Stephen Coan
University vice-chancellors from emerging economies are venturing cautiously into the possible collaborations offered by new, ‘unimagined’ international entities such as BRICS, the association of five emerging economies, Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.
Students prioritise culture, values in 21st century HE
Stephen Coan
Asked what they required of a 21st century education, students at a conference on "reimagining the world-class university" in BRICS countries and emerging economies placed an emphasis on culture and values and the need for human connection in a globalised, often de-personalised world.
World Round-up
Universities ‘must become Communist strongholds’ – Xi
Lecture kicks off new local university rankings process
The Guardian
Taliban hang university student in public
Large rewards for universities from industry contracts
The Australian
Science gets major funding boost
Master Studies
Dearth of IIT-Delhi faculty prompts search abroad
Daily News & Analysis
Unethical practices hinder university quality – Experts
ACT raises test prices abroad to fund cheating fight
MPs fear new HE bill will dilute Scottish voice
Universities to have more industry collaborations
New Straits Times
U-turn on anti-lobbying plan for universities, charities
Implementation of HE funding framework on track
New Era
Cashless university system to improve accountability
‘Snob value’ pushing school-leavers to universities
The Irish Times
OECD: Research funding cuts threaten global innovation
A decline in government funding of science and technology research in some countries – including four of the world’s 10 biggest economies – could pose a threat to innovation at a time when global challenges such as climate change and ageing populations demand solutions, according to a new OECD report.
Government proposes research infrastructure roadmap
Brendan O'Malley
The government has released a draft 10-year National Research Infrastructure Roadmap to ensure Australia’s future research spending will target priority areas to build on the country’s research strengths. It recommends setting up a national advisory group to provide advice on planning and investment.
Boom in foreign institutional links in art, culture
Yojana Sharma
The inauguration last week of the new Shanghai campus of the Sino-French Institute of Art and Design Management attended by top Communist Party officials and arts and museum representatives from around the country, marks another booming area for foreign institutional collaborations with China.
Cambridge predicts two-thirds drop in EU students
Brendan O'Malley
Cambridge University has warned MPs that the United Kingdom leaving the European Union “poses a significant risk to higher education and research activities in the UK” and it is anticipating a two-thirds reduction in admissions of students from EU countries.
Universities announce maximum fee hikes for 2017
Munyaradzi Makoni
In a move likely to set university management structures on a collision course with student protesters calling for free higher education, at least seven universities have made public their plans to increase fees in 2017.
Bill casts doubt over universities’ foreign campuses
Maina Waruru
Kenyan public universities could soon be barred from operating campuses in foreign countries without government approval if a bill introduced for debate in parliament is passed.
Political meddling causes Nalanda University turmoil
Ranjit Devraj
The resignation of Nobel laureate Amartya Sen from the governing board of Nalanda University followed by the resignation of its chancellor, George Yeo, former foreign minister of Singapore, over interference in the university's autonomy, leaves the project to revive the ancient institution without its international leadership.
Will higher education be ‘Trumped’ by state lawmakers?
Eric Kelderman, The Chronicle of Higher Education
As the impact of the 2016 elections takes shape in statehouses, there are early signs that some policy proposals made by President-elect Donald J Trump are prompting reactions from governors and state legislators and there is widespread uncertainty over the direction that his nominee for education secretary will take.
South Korean institutes join skills development partnership
Reuben Kyama
Two leading South Korean institutes have formalised their commitment to helping Sub-Saharan Africa build greater capacity in science and technology in the region, according to World Bank officials.
Transformative Leadership
Time to build a pipeline of innovation for Africa
Thierry Zomahoun and Barry Green
African countries must make universities engines of development, with all the social benefits that brings. To achieve this, universities should be at the centre of sustained ecosystems of innovation. If they are provided with the necessary faculty and investment, they will produce the type of scientists who can turn ideas into businesses.
French institutions push into China, boost business
Yojana Sharma
French higher education’s presence in China, including branch campuses, have lagged behind the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom. However, with the backing of the French government interested in boosting French companies abroad, a flurry of collaborations, particularly by business schools, has been evident this year.
Universities tackle graduate employability challenge
Wagdy Sawahel
Spurred on by an increase in the number of unemployed graduates resulting from the growing mismatch between university education and market needs, North Africa's universities are working on several approaches to produce industry- and market-ready graduates.
Still no response to damning World Bank report
Christabel Ligami
Stakeholders are still awaiting a response from the education cabinet secretary to a World Bank report released earlier this year which put Kenya’s Higher Education Loans Board on the spot for mismanaging its funds at the expense of needy students.
World Blog
Universities are experiencing an unbundling revolution
Margaret Andrews
Just as technology altered the market for music and news, higher education appears to be next in line for the great unbundling. But a lot of the transformative innovation that is going on today was broadly predicted by a law professor more than 35 years ago.

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