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Foreign travel ban violates rights of lecturers – Dons

University lecturers have demanded the immediate withdrawal of the travel restriction recently imposed by the government, writes Ouma Wanzala for the Nation. The Universities Academic Staff Union said the move had adversely affected many members, who are frustrated by delays in processing requests.

“Those seeking clearance have to wait for long and some are being denied clearance to travel outside the country for international conferences, workshops and external examinations at universities outside Kenya,” said Dr George Omondi, Universities Academic Staff Union chapter secretary at the University of Nairobi. Omondi said the ban is not only discriminatory but also violates the constitutional rights of the lecturers.

A letter from A Mworia, senior deputy secretary in the Education Ministry, dated 20 September and addressed to all vice-chancellors and principals of their constituent colleges, says: “This is to notify you that it has been decided, until further advised otherwise, that no government official will travel outside the country.” The government has also banned other civil servants from travelling outside the country.
Full report on the Daily Nation site
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