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Increasing number of Chinese students head to Africa

Many Chinese students have their eyes set on American and European universities for overseas study because of advanced social development, but a growing number of Chinese students are going against the trend and receiving their education in African countries, reports ECNS.

"According to my observation, the number of Chinese students who go to African countries for higher education is growing in recent years," said Li Lianxing, secretary general of the China-Africa Report Project at Tsinghua University. "The increase is not big, but the number is increasing, which means more Chinese students recognise Africa now," Li said.

According to Li, there are three types of Chinese students in Africa: language students who major in local African languages; those who major in law, economy, culture, education or agriculture and go to African universities for six months to a year to learn more about the culture or for research; and a third type, growing in recent years, which includes Chinse nationals who choose to develop their career and build a life in African countries.
Full report on the ECNS site
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