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Noam Chomsky to leave MIT for University of Arizona

Linguistics Professor Noam Chomsky has announced plans to depart Cambridge in favour of, well, not greener pastures, exactly, but certainly warmer ones. He’s joining the linguistics department at the University of Arizona in Tucson, writes Lisa Weidenfeld for Boston Daily.

Chomsky has been at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology or MIT since 1955, and retired in 2002. According to the Boston Globe, he’s given some big talks at University of Arizona in recent years, including one about privacy with Edward Snowden and Glenn Greenwald. In an announcement from the University of Arizona, Chomsky sounded excited about the department, which he called “excellent” and said was “full of former students of mine”.

According to David Pesetsky, head of the linguistics department at MIT, this change won’t be that different, since Chomsky hasn’t taught much in recent years. “He remains our emeritus colleague,” Pesetsky told the Globe. “That’s never going to change.”
Full report on the Boston Magazine site
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