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Ontario proposes French-language university in Toronto

Ontario is moving to create a French-language university – the first of its kind in the province – that will offer students a completely French environment and will provide programmes different from those offered in traditional universities, writes Miriam Katawazi for The Globe and Mail.

The provincial government announced last week that it will introduce legislation in the coming months for the proposed post-secondary institution, which will cater to Ontario's 611,500 francophones – the largest population in Canada outside of Quebec. The decision came after a six-member board, led by former official languages commissioner Dyane Adam, released a 139-page report and independent study looking at the need for the university.

"We are intending to create a new French-language university here in the Toronto area," said Francophone Affairs Minister Marie-France Lalonde. "Our commitment as a government is to create a standalone university with a governance and administration by and for francophones."
Full report on The Globe and Mail site
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