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Top liquor maker to launch ‘Moutai university’

Chinese liquor maker Kweichow Moutai is to open a ‘Moutai university’ as a dearth of skilled workers prompts local companies to launch training schools for future employees, writes Emily Feng for the Financial Times.

The Chinese group is best known for making a fiery rice liquor called baijiu, and is the world’s most valuable liquor company by market capitalisation despite its sales being dented by China’s anti-corruption campaign. Kweichow Moutai said it would spend CNY1.5 billion (US$227 million) to build a self-styled undergraduate college enrolling 5,000 students in winemaking, grape cultivation, food safety and marketing. The college will open in Guizhou province, where the company is also based, early next year.

Companies in China have faced an increasingly serious labour shortage, and many already have internal training programmes that they have begun formalising into vocational schools such as Moutai college that feed graduates back into the company. Although vocational schools were once venerated in socialist China, they have languished in quality and enrolment numbers after a late-1990s push to create ‘world-class universities’ in the country.
Full report on the Financial Times site
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