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Universities unhappy over budget rise

The draft 2018 state budget that Finance Minister Ivan Pilny has to submit to the cabinet by the end of August projects a CZK700 million (US$32 million) increase in the sum to go to universities, which consider it absolutely insufficient, reports CTK.

Charles University spokesman Vaclav Hajek told CTK the increase, compared with this year's budget of universities, was mentioned by Pilny at his meeting on 28 August with Charles University Rector Tomas Zima, who heads the Czech Rectors' Conference.

Since 2012, the annual budget of universities has been around CZK21 billion. Universities demanded an increase of CZK4.5 billion to raise the pay of academicians, support postgraduate students and cover necessary investments. Hajek said the CZK700 million increase proposed by Pilny would enable them to raise university teachers' wages by a few percent only.
Full report on the Prague Daily Monitor site
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