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Girls a third more likely to go to university than boys

Teenage girls are now over a third more likely to go to university than boys, according to new figures, as the gap between the sexes reaches record levels, writes Rachael Pells for the Independent.

In total, upwards of 30,000 more women than men are set to start degree courses this autumn, official UCAS data shows. The difference is the largest ever recorded by the university admissions service by this point in the year.

As of Friday morning 25 August, 133,280 UK 18-year-old women had secured a university place, compared with 103,800 UK men of the same age. Across the United Kingdom, 27.3% of all young men are expected to go to university this year, compared with 37.1% of young women. It means that as of this point – just over a week after A-level results were published – 18-year-old women are 36% more likely to start degree courses this autumn than their male peers of the same age.
Full report on the Independent site
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