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Group of Eight seeks special visa for Indian PhDs

The Group of Eight – comprising leading research universities – is pushing for a new visa class to attract PhD students as it seeks to unlock the potential of the Indian market, write Bernard Lane and John Ross for The Australian.

“A special class of visa for researchers and PhD graduates would counter the perception that Australia was ambivalent about attracting the best research talent from around the world,” said Group of Eight Chief Executive Vicki Thomson. She was in India last week with the Australia Business Week India delegation led by Trade Minister Steve Ciobo. Two-way student mobility is a key agenda item.

The Australian Council of Graduate Research welcomed any visa simplification for potential PhD students. “It is critical that we remove any administrative barriers that may discourage or limit recruitment of high quality international candidates into Australia’s research training system,” said executive officer Fiona Zammit.
Full report on The Australian site
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