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Universities tighten ideological control of staff

A group of China’s top universities have set up Communist Party departments to oversee the political thinking of their teaching staff after the colleges were criticised amid the government’s tightening ideological control on campuses, writes Nectar Gan for South China Morning Post.

The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, the party’s powerful disciplinary watchdog, recently published ‘rectification reports’ on eight top-tier universities it inspected this year. Seven have set up a ‘teachers’ affairs department’ under their Communist Party committees to improve ‘ideological and political work’ among teaching staff.

The inspection teams toured 29 of the best universities across mainland China, including the prestigious Peking University and Tsinghua University in Beijing, for a ‘political check-up’ earlier this year. Some universities were criticised after the months-long inspections for their weakness in promoting ideology, while party committees were also chastised for weak leadership and failing to toe the party line.
Full report on the South China Morning Post site
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