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Deputy higher education minister appears in court

South Africa’s Deputy Higher Education Minister Mduduzi Manana arrived at a court in Johannesburg last Thursday ahead of his first court appearance after he allegedly assaulted a woman at a Johannesburg nightclub, writes Thando Kubheka for Eyewitness News.

Manana has admitted to assaulting Mandisa Duma at a Johannesburg nightclub at the weekend after she apparently called him gay during an argument. (August is commemorated as Women’s Month in South Africa, during which time the challenges facing women, including gender-based violence, are traditionally highlighted.)

It appears Manana snuck into the court through a side entrance on Thursday while a contingent of journalists waited for him at the front of the court house. Calls have been mounting for Manana to be fired as deputy minister. Duma claims Manana became angry when they disagreed with him on who should replace President Jacob Zuma in December. Manana then assaulted the woman.
Full report on the EWN site
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