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Over 210,000 university quotas unfilled this year

Over half of students who entered Turkey’s national university exam this year did not fill out the necessary application form indicating which university they wished to be placed in, according to student selection and placement results announced on 8 August, reports Hurriyet Daily News.

Of the 2.3 million who took the exam over two stages, first in March and then in June, only 994,766 made the necessary application to be considered as a university candidate based on their scores, which took place over the period from 18-26 July.

After the exam results were announced, the Student Selection and Placement Center, or ÖSYM, asked applicants to hand in a form listing the universities they wanted to be placed in. But according to ÖSYM statistics revealed on 8 August, only 994,766 applicants filled out the relevant forms and gave them in, with the remainder delaying their chances of entering university until next year, or perhaps never entering. As some of the candidates could not be placed anywhere they listed on their application forms, the ÖSYM said some 214,430 quotas assigned for the faculty departments across universities for the 2017-18 education year remained unfilled.
Full report on the Hurriyet Daily News site
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