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Concern over end to US funds for food security project

Termination of a US$30 million food security project by USAID has drawn criticism from experts and stakeholders who fear that the abrupt decision will affect ongoing research and scholar exchange programmes in Pakistan, writes Shamsul Islam for The Express Tribune.

On 26 July, the US government terminated the funding to the project based at the University of Agriculture Faisalabad. The US government issued a notification in this regard after completing close to 50% of work on the US-Pakistan Centre for Advanced Studies in Agriculture and Food Security project.

The termination letter was issued days after the Pentagon announced the withholding of U$50 million in reimbursements under the Coalition Support Fund to Pakistan on the pretext that it is unable to verify whether Islamabad conducted adequate counter-terrorism operations against the Taliban-affiliated Haqqani network.
Full report on The Express Tribune site
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