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Fake institutions – HE body seeks heftier penalties

Grappling with mushrooming fake universities across India, the University Grants Commission is set to send a ‘gentle reminder’ to the Ministry of Human Resource Development to amend the archaic UGC Act 1956 that stipulates a paltry INR1,000 (US$15.6) fine for offenders involved in running fake universities, writes Sweta Dutta for India Today.

Since 2000, the body has been writing to the ministry calling for stricter action and heftier penalties, but an amendment to the act is yet to be initiated.

Senior officials of the University Grants Commission told Mail Today that while it releases an annual list of fake universities to "create awareness" among students and to warn them against accepting admission to these education institutions, no punitive action is taken against the offenders.
Full report on the India Today site
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