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Three universities accused of diploma trafficking

Three Moroccan universities – the Mohammed V University in Rabat, Abdelmalek Essaâdi University in Tangier-Tétouan and Hassan I University in Settat – were allegedly involved in diploma trafficking and corruption in 2016, according to a draft report by the Court of Auditors, reports Morocco World News.

Faced with a race against time to prepare their responses to the accusations before the court of auditors, the presidents of the three universities have opted to refrain from taking summer vacations. The three officials and their close associates are obliged to reply to the observations and remarks made by the judges of the Court of Auditors in the 2016 draft report within the prescribed time-limits.

In its weekend edition, Akhbar Al Youm said the three universities were delivering university degrees in return for various sums of money as evidenced by the registration of a number of students in their faculties who did not have baccalaureate degrees. It added that “these are very serious charges”.
Full report on the Morocco World News site
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