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Evidence of Trump impact on international admissions

Since many international students would have started planning their application strategies before Election Day 2016, many experts think this coming admissions cycle may be more telling about the impact of a Trump administration, writes Scott Jaschik for Inside Higher Ed.

New data from Royall and Company, a division of EAB, suggest that a majority of prospective international students may not have changed their view of the United States. But the data also show that a significant minority have changed their views. The survey comes from more than 200,000 prospective students from all over the world. The results are from this year.

Among the questions they were asked was: ‘Has your interest in studying in the United States changed in light of the current political climate in the United States?’ More than 61% said that the current climate would have no influence on their interest. But of the remaining students, only 6% said that they had an increased interest in studying in the United States, while 33% said that their interest had decreased.
Full report on Inside Higher Ed site
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