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Controversial bill on higher education clears parliament

One member of Greece’s parliamentary majority voted against the controversial bill on higher education that was approved in the House on 2 August, writes Tasos Kokkinidis for The Greek Reporter.

Dimitris Kammenos, MP for junior government partner Independent Greeks party or ANEL, voted against Article 3 of the bill, related to university asylum. Article 3 is one of the more controversial aspects of the new law as it restores older provisions that allow police intervention in university campuses only in cases of serious offences.

“We must safeguard the free access to all ideas and expressions in the universities with respect to the democratic procedures. The only way to solve the problem is dialogue in the universities and not police interventions that remind us of other historical periods,” said Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras to the parliament plenum during the debate.
Full report on The Greek Reporter site
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