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Details emerge on abduction, torture of protest student

Details have emerged on the abduction and torture of a student activist, Fanuel Kaseke, who took part in last month’s fees protest at the University of Zimbabwe, reports News24.

Kaseke disappeared three days after he attended the demonstration where ThisFlag leader Evan Mawarire was arrested. Friends, family members and supporters issued missing person alerts on social media in early July. Kaseke, who studies political science at the University of Zimbabwe, later turned up at a police station in Harare’s Mbare suburb.

Rights lawyers say the 23-year-old activist was abducted while walking home in Chitungwiza, south of Harare. His abductors – three men and a woman – knocked him unconscious and kept him in a locked and darkened room for five days with just four slices of bread a day to eat. His captors accused him of having invited Mawarire to the University of Zimbabwe demonstration. He was beaten and interrogated over his relationship with the opposition Movement for Democratic Change and the reason for his student activism.
Full report on the News24 site
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