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Universities urged to adapt in face of fewer enrolments

Thai universities need to move with the times to survive as they brace for declining enrolments, according to the president of the Council of University Presidents of Thailand, writes Dumrongkiat Mala for the Bangkok Post.

The warning was raised by Council President Suchatvee Suwansawat who noticed a significant decrease in the number of students going to university in recent years owing to the lower birth rate. Suchatvee said these figures are a wake-up call for university administrators to start thinking about adjusting their strategies to survive in the long run.

In last year's admissions, Thai universities could take up to 156,216 prospective students to study various subjects, but only 105,046 high school students applied for the entrance test. Meanwhile, this year, only 81,230 of them applied for placements while there are about 110,000 seats for them in all universities combined.
Full report on the Bangkok Post site
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