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Thousands could be buried beneath Mississippi university

The remains of at least 7,000 people, patients of the state’s first mental institution – established in 1855 and called the Insane Asylum – and stretching across 20 acres of campus where administrators want to build, may be buried beneath the University of Mississippi, reports BBC News.

Officials predict that it may cost up to US$21 million to exhume and rebury each body – more than US$3,000 for each. The campus medical centre, where the bodies have been discovered, is looking at cheaper alternatives. The university hopes to bring the total cost down by handling the exhumations in-house, the Clarion-Ledger newspaper reports.

They predict that it can be done for US$400,000 per year over the next eight years. They also hope to create a memorial and laboratory where students can study the patients' remains, as well as remnants of clothes and wood unearthed in the process. A group of academics have formed a consortium dedicated to studying the remains.
Full report on the BBC site
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