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Lib Dems still haunted by student fees U-turn

The Liberal Democrats' U-turn over university tuition fees is continuing to haunt them when it comes to student voters in the current general election, writes Siobhan Robbins for Sky News.

A survey this month of 1,000 undergraduates for the Higher Education Policy Institute found students plan to back Labour and the Conservatives ahead of the Lib Dems. Before the 2010 election, the party promised to oppose any rise in fees, but 27 Lib Dem MPs voted to allow universities in England to charge annual tuition fees of up to £9,000 (US$11,600), nearly three times the previous limit.

A recent visit to the Students' Union at Oxford Brookes University seemed to support the idea that the U-turn was still hurting the Lib Dems. "Untrustworthy" and "frustrating" were among the adjectives used to describe the party by young people now paying £9,000 a year in fees.
Full report on the Sky News site
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