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Social sciences university to champion lifelong learning

A significant piece of the higher education puzzle fell in place last week, when Singapore officially welcomed its sixth university – an institution very unlike the other five, writes Sandra Davie for The Straits Times.

With its background in adult education and its partnerships with industry, the Singapore University of Social Sciences, or SUSS, will be a champion of lifelong learning. Previously called SIM University, SUSS will be "clearly differentiated" from the other universities, said Minister for Education (Higher Education and Skills) Ong Ye Kung in parliament.

Setting out the backdrop under which SUSS was being brought under the ambit of his ministry, Ong said the government would stick by its pledge to raise the university participation rate of each age group to 40% by 2020. This would be a further rise from the current situation, when the Ministry of Education expects to admit about 15,900 Singaporean students into publicly funded universities in August, with a cohort participation rate of about 35%.
Full report on The Straits Times site
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