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Experts call for reduction in number of universities

A working group of specialists last week proposed a reform of state universities which would see the number of universities shrinking from 14 to eight in a bid to increase the quality of higher education and save administration costs, reports Xinhua.

The group of specialists formed by Lithuanian Prime Minister Saulius Skvernelis has proposed to reform the country's state universities' system by merging some of the universities into those covering a wide range of study programmes, technology universities and specialised academies.

"The network's reform process is complex, up to €200 million [US$218 million] are to be invested, €150 million will be allocated from the EU programmes," Agne Paliokate, a member of the working group, was quoted as saying by news website vz.lt in a press conference. A number of study programmes would be cut from 1,800 to 700 in a bid to "concentrate the potential of science and studies" and adjust it to the needs of the country's labour market.
Full report on the Xinhua site
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