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University chiefs demand return of post-study visas

Students, staff and principals at Scotland’s universities are calling for the reintroduction of a post-study work visa for international students, warning businesses and public services are missing out on vital talent without it, writes Stephen Naysmith for Herald Scotland.

Universities Scotland, which represents the country’s 19 higher education institutions, is calling on candidates for the general election to include a system to allow international students to stay and work here for a few years after they graduate. A previous scheme was abolished by Theresa May in 2012, when she was home secretary.

A joint manifesto published by Universities Scotland, the National Union of Students Scotland and the University and College Union Scotland, says the country’s higher education institutions attract 31,000 students from outside the European Union, generating significant economic and cultural benefits. However, current immigration policies make it difficult for such students to stay and work here, forcing a young and highly skilled demographic to return home.
Full report on the Herald Scotland site
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