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UZ-trained doctors can practise in California

Students from the University of Zimbabwe’s college of health sciences now qualify to automatically secure licences to practise in California in the United States after they graduate.

In a statement, the University of Zimbabwe said the development is a sign that the faculty is training healthcare delivery personnel that meet international best practice.

The university currently offers degree programmes in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, nursing science, medical laboratory sciences, rehabilitation, radiology and health education and health promotion.

According to the statement, the University of Zimbabwe has had a long-standing collaborative partnership with the University of California dating back to 1994.

“In a most exciting development, the Medical Board of California [US] has formally recognised medical degrees offered by the college of health sciences, University of Zimbabwe,” it said.

“The implication is that graduates of the college of health sciences are automatically qualified to secure licences to practise as physicians and surgeons in California. This landmark development is testimony of the far-reaching and quality training that characterises the University of Zimbabwe.”

During a visit to South Korea last week, Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo said although the University of Zimbabwe’s school of medicine has been recognised as one of the best medical schools, it was still only producing medical practitioners and must transform into an industry-incubating medical institution.

“We want the university to have a medical industry that benefits Zimbabwe and many other sectors such as energy and engineering. So the purpose of this trip is for you to see how our universities can be used as incubating centres,” he said.
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