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International student numbers increase by nearly 6%

The number of international students in Germany reached 340,305 in 2016, according to recent statistics from the German Academic Exchange Service, up almost 6% from the year before, writes Natalie Marsh for The PIE News.

Students who came to Germany after finishing their high school education in their home country, known as Bildungsauslaender, amounted to 251,542. Of these students, 90,214 studied a bachelor degree, up 10% from the previous year, while the number of masters students reached 86,245, up 12% from 2015, narrowing the gap in enrolment between the two disciplines.

The increase in the number of English-taught masters programmes over the last few years across Germany has contributed to the rise in masters level students, according to Jan Kercher, senior researcher external studies and statistics at the German Academic Exchange Service or DAAD.
Full report on The PIE News site
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