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MOOCs are back and they are threatening universities

Australia’s largest education company, Navitas, says we are now near a tipping point where universities will be vulnerable to new technology because massive open online courses or MOOCs are now offering a more flexible and cheaper way to accumulate career building credentials, writes Tim Dodd for the Australian Financial Review.

Navitas Chief Development Officer Patrick Brothers says we are now near a tipping point where traditional education will be vulnerable to new technology because whereas MOOCs used to be offered on fixed schedules, they are now more like Netflix, available on demand so that learners can study at the pace and time they choose.

He says people are starting to question the traditional structure of university education because with MOOCs young people can accumulate career building micro-credentials, made up of several MOOCs, in a few months online which will create an attractive CV. They come from high-reputation universities and give the equivalent of at least 25% credit towards a masters degree at 10%-20% of the cost.
Full report on the Australian Financial Review’s site
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