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Higher education in Bihar ‘on verge of collapse’

Bihar Governor Ram Nath Kovind said on Saturday that higher education in the state was on the verge of collapse, writes Ajay Kumar for Hindustan Times. The governor’s statement, from a public platform, is significant considering that he also serves as chancellor of universities of Bihar, which are plagued by shortages of teachers and officials.

Kovind said he realised this when he reviewed the state of higher education soon after taking charge of the office of the governor, in August 2015. “I called the officials concerned and minister for higher education and asked them to do the needful to restore higher education to the right track,” he said.

Among the issues plaguing higher education in Bihar are a shortage of teachers and officials in colleges, which has adversely impacted educational activities, and the resultant migration of talented students to other states for better educational facilities.
Full report on the Hindustan Times site
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