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Insourcing of workers at universities – Uneven progress

Only one university in the Western Cape has brought all workers onto its payroll, despite all four universities beginning debates on insourcing, one of the rallying cries during the Fees Must Fall protests, in 2015, writes Ashleigh Furlong for GroundUp.

According to GroundUp, outsourcing of cleaners, catering staff, security guards, gardeners and other jobs results in workers' remuneration being lower than if they were employed directly by universities. Another benefit for workers of being insourced is that they can receive the same benefits as university employees, such as reduced university fees.

Since the protests to end outsourcing, only the University of Cape Town has brought all outsourced workers onto the university staff complement. Other universities are still discussing insourcing more than a year after initial discussions on insourcing began. At some universities, outsourced workers have been dismissed for their alleged involvement in student protests.
Full report on the News24 site
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