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University to accept Palestinian Authority test scores

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem has become the first Israeli university to recognise the Palestinian Authority’s matriculation exam, known as the tawjihi, writes Dov Lieber for The Times of Israel.

Previously, Palestinians from East Jerusalem, the West Bank or Gaza who wanted to study at the university had to complete a year-long preparatory programme before being admitted. With the new policy to be piloted, those Palestinians with outstanding scores on their tawjihi will be able to be accepted into a limited number of (mostly humanities) academic departments in the university without any preparatory programme. Additionally, the new programme will allow top-rate Palestinian students to be admitted into the institution without taking the Psychometric Entrance Test.

“The idea is to increase the pluralism of the university without sacrificing the standard of the students,” the vice-rector of the university, Professor Assaf Friedler, told The Times of Israel, acknowledging the diverse populace of Jerusalem, where the university is primarily located.
Full report on The Times of Israel site
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