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Sexual harassment at universities ‘at epidemic levels’

New research reveals that incidents of sexual harassment, misconduct and gender-based violence have reached ‘epidemic’ levels at British universities, writes Richard Black for The Telegraph.

Hundreds of students and staff members have complained about sexual harassment, with many universities unwilling or ill-equipped to deal with the number of allegations, according to Freedom of Information requests obtained by reporters.

Between 2011-12 and 2016-17, more than 160 allegations were made against academic and non-academic staff, the Guardian has claimed. A further 127 allegations about staff were made by colleagues. The University of Oxford reported the highest number of student reports made against staff, followed by Nottingham (10), Edinburgh (9), University of East Anglia and Essex (7) and Cambridge (6). Oxford also received the highest number of staff-on-staff allegations, with more than 20 members of staff making complaints against their fellow colleagues.
Full report on The Telegraph site
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