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Ex-Trump University student still seeks a trial

A former Trump University student wants to drop out of a recent US$25 million class action settlement and take President Donald Trump to trial, writes Nancy Dillon for the New York Daily News.

Class member Sherri B Simpson filed her objection to the November settlement last week, a move that could delay or endanger the entire pact, lawyers said. Simpson attended a three-day Trump University seminar in Florida in April 2010 and said the follow-up Gold Elite course she bought was nothing but fool's gold. "She was fleeced out of US$20,000 she could scarcely afford," Simpson's New York-based lawyer Gary Friedman told The News last Monday.

He said Simpson, who lives in Florida, joined the class action thinking it would lead to either a trial or an admission of guilt from Donald Trump. But the final settlement – in which Trump agreed to pay US$21 million for two California class action suits and US$4 million to the New York attorney general – included no admission of fault or liability. The president simply said he agreed to the deal to avoid a trial as he prepared to take office.
Full report on the Daily News site
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