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Drug tests proposal for incoming college students

The Philippines' Commission on Higher Education is now considering making drug testing mandatory for incoming college students. This comes in the midst of President Rodrigo Duterte's war against drugs in the country, writes Emily Marks for University Herald.

Local source GMA News reported that Julito Vitriolo, the executive director of the Commission on Higher Education, has confirmed the government's plan. Apparently, this is part of the president's efforts to fight illegal drugs. "This was born out of the president's call to make campuses drug-free, because we see the pervasive effects of drug use," Vitriolo said. "What's important is for students not to use drugs. It will be a deterrent if they want to continue their studies."

He added that incoming college students who test positive for drugs can enrol in a rehabilitation programme before pursuing higher education. Currently, drug testing is voluntary for admission to university.
Full report on the University Herald site
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