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Dearth of IIT-Delhi faculty prompts search abroad

Hoping to improve the student-teacher ratio and to bring world-class quality to its teaching methods, authorities of the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi will soon be visiting Ivy League universities such as Harvard and Yale in a bid to recruit foreign scholars as faculty, writes Kritika Sharma for Daily News & Analysis.

In what is a first for the premier Indian institutes of technology, the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi or IIT-Delhi will be conducting roadshows in various Ivy League universities across the United States from February 2017. “A delegation of deans and heads of different departments will go to Ivy League institutes in the east coast, and to institutes in other US cities, to hire graduating students as faculty members in IIT-Delhi,” IIT-Delhi Director Dr V Ramgopal Rao said while confirming the development.

“So far, foreign scholars had been coming to us but now we will be going to them through a roadshow, telling them about our institute and the way we function. We want to attract the best of talent from abroad,” Rao added.
Full report on the DNA site
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