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Minister calls for political neutrality in universities

Minister for Higher and University Education, Théophile Mbemba, has called on universities to respect the principle of political neutrality.

Speaking in Kisangani to launch the 2016-17 academic year, Mbemba appealed for universities to stay outside “all partisan ideologies”, reported Radio Okapi of Kinshasa.

“With the university being the world of freedom and ideas, it needs to keep away from all partisan ideologies to let the mind exercise its analytical freedom. Members of management committees must scrupulously respect this principle of political neutrality in their institutions,” he said.

In his address Mbemba also raised the subject of reform of the educational system, reported Radio Okapi.

“Reform of our educational system will be underway this academic year in its active phase to prepare higher education and university institutions to become a true vector and motor of growth for the emergence of our country between now and 2030,” he said.

This article is drawn from local media. University World News cannot vouch for the accuracy of the original reports.
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