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State forces raid Palestinian university

The Israeli occupation army raided a top Palestinian university in the occupied West Bank last week, seizing computer equipment and causing damage, reports AFP.

"A large number of soldiers came about 2.30 am (00:30 GMT), blowing open the locks, breaking into three buildings and banning the university guards from approaching," Ghassan Khatib, vice-president of Birzeit University, told AFP. The army seized computers, speakers and other electronic equipment used by the student council, he added. The Israeli army confirmed the raid, saying soldiers seized "Hamas propaganda material" as it constituted an "incitement to violence".

Located in Ramallah, the university is the best-known in the West Bank, the Palestinian territory occupied by Israel since 1967. Islamists affiliated to Hamas, which rules the Palestinian enclave of Gaza, won the student council elections in the university's council last April.
Full report on the Ahram Online site
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