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Foreign students face tuition fees from next year

The Finnish parliament has decided to impose tuition fees for non-European university-level students. The ruling, passed by a vote of 137-46 in December, will affect students from outside the European Union or European Economic Area, reports Yle.

A fee of at least €1,500 (US$1,640) will be charged per school year for those studying towards degrees in languages other than Finnish or Swedish, apparently beginning in August 2017. The fees will not be levied on doctoral students or researchers. Universities will also establish a financial aid system offering scholarships to assist students in paying their fees.

At present Finland does not charge any tuition fees in regular degree programmes for any students, regardless of their nationality. However, they are responsible for their own living expenses while studying in the country. According to Eurostat, Finland is the fourth most expensive member state of the EU and European Economic Area.
Full report on the Yle site
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