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Bribery confession challenges integrity of admissions

The recent confession to bribery by Cai Rongsheng, the former admissions director for Renmin University, has called into question the integrity of the Chinese college admission system, writes Michael Forsythe for The New York Times.

Cai (50) acknowledged to a court in Nanjing, where he is on trial, that he had accepted more than US$3.6 million in illegal payments between 2005 to 2013, in exchange for helping 44 students obtain spots at Renmin, a prestigious school in Beijing, or to allow students already there to change their majors, the website of the state-run China News Service reported. Among the wealthy students who benefited was the daughter of a Hong Kong businessman, it was reported.

President Xi Jinping has been mounting a campaign against corruption in China for more than three years, with higher education as one of the focal points, but many of the cases that have surfaced so far have involved misuse of public funds rather than bribery. Yuan Guiren, China’s outspoken education minister, who has railed against the use of Western textbooks in China’s classrooms, was cited in The Beijing News this month as saying that corruption would not be tolerated in the education system.
Full report on The New York Times site
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