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Scholars get packing for UK werewolf conference

Scholars from around the world will gather at a British university for a conference on werewolves this month, where they will discuss the cultural significance of the mythical creature, writes Aisha Gani for the Guardian.

Professors and delegates attending the Open Graves, Open Minds event can expect to “walk with wolves” and visit the UK Wolf Conservation Trust. They will also visit the grave of Peter the Wild Boy, a child found in 1725 in the woods near Hamelin, northern Germany, and of unknown parentage. He was said to have lived an entirely feral existence before being brought to Britain by Caroline of Ansbach, the wife of King George II.

Other highlights scheduled for the three-day conference at the University of Hertfordshire include keynote speeches by experts in the field. Dr Sam George, senior lecturer in literature at the University of Hertfordshire, said: “People have been fascinated by human to wolf transformations, down the years, especially in film.” George added: “How many people actually know the different ways that you can become a werewolf according to folklore or that there were actually werewolf trials in France and Germany where people were hanged and found guilty of lycanthropy, the correct name for this phenomenon?”
Full report on the Guardian site
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