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THE rankings to exclude ‘kilo-authored’ papers

This year, for the first time, the Times Higher Education World University Rankings will exclude any papers that have more than 1,000 authors, as they are considered to be “so freakish that they have the potential to distort the global scientific landscape”, writes Jack Grove for Times Higher Education.

But is the rise in shared authorship also common in non-scientific subjects? An analysis of social science papers published between 1980 and 2013 suggests that there has been a marked rise in co-authorship, which grew by 40% or more in 20 of 56 subject categories over the 33-year period.

While they are not yet in ‘kilo-author’ territory, fields such as psychiatry, health policy and biomedical social sciences have seen the mean average number of authors double over the period, according to the paper by Dorte Henriksen, which is due to be published shortly in Scientometrics.
Full report on the Times Higher Education site
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