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Launch of the RHEDI-UWN web community

The Programme on Research, Higher Education, Development and Innovation – RHEDI – has launched an online community site in partnership with University World News.

The RHEDI programme has a distinguished history that traces back to 2001. It started in UNESCO, continued at the OECD and is now built on a worldwide network of partners – both institutions and experts.

The RHEDI community promotes discussions on the implications of the significant changes that have been observed in knowledge production over the last decades.

The ‘traditional’ disciplinary, hierarchical academic model in public universities and institutions supported by public sector funding has transformed into an interdisciplinary, non-hierarchical and heterogeneous system of mixed public and private sector universities, institutions and funding.

These developments have been accompanied by changes in research goals, activities and methodology.

They have particular implications for research and development policy, planning and management, and for economic and education policy and planning in areas such as innovation and university-industry cooperation across the world.

Studies in higher education, research and innovation are critical for providing a better understanding of the implications of these changes in knowledge production. Currently, research is dominated by Australia, Germany, Japan, the United States and the United Kingdom.

The RHEDI network is important for low- and middle-income countries because it connects a new generation of researchers, research leaders, regulators and policy-makers from these countries to the international community, says Dr Ly Pham, founding director of the Center for Higher Education Evaluation and Research in Vietnam.

The RHEDI web community provides:

  • Access to policy-makers, regulators, experts and academics who shape the development of the policy landscape.
  • An open forum for sharing recent research, policy and management practice.
  • A wide range of policy-relevant articles focusing on policy, management and capacity building.
  • It is a repository of resources, including pointers to relevant literature, academic journals and training options in our fields of work.

“This initiative is exciting because it has the potential to bring new opportunities for collaborative research that ensures national relevance in the context of an ongoing debate and interaction with those at the forefront of the discussion and design of policies and strategies for research and innovation,” says RHEDI Editor Åsa Olsson.

The RHEDI programme is supported by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, SIDA.
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