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‘Education technology fears may retard change’

Not enough is being done to allay the fears of education professionals who see developments in education technology as intimidating, the chancellor of the Open University has warned, writes Josie Gurney-Read for The Telegraph.

Speaking to The Telegraph Lord Puttnam, who is chair of Atticus Education, an online education company, also spoke of the "natural conservatism" of many people in education, particularly in higher education, with regards to developments in education and technology. “It is possible that those people, because of their fears, will hold back changes that could happen a lot quicker,” he said.

“We really need visionary teachers who can use all these new resources, who are not intimidated by them.” Lord Puttnam said many academics were “dragging their heels” when it came to educational change. He put the reluctance down to fear of status loss and fear of job loss prompted by a potential future generation of ‘super professors’ who will challenge traditional methods of teaching.
Full report on The Telegraph site
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