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Universities accept record numbers

A record number of students have already been accepted for university courses, official figures show. As of midnight last Wednesday, 385,910 applicants had been accepted by UK universities and colleges – 31,600 more than at the same point last year, a rise of 9%, reports the Belfast Telegraph.

The admissions service UCAS said it is the highest number of acceptances ever recorded on A-level results day. The figures come as students across England, Wales and Northern Ireland received their results, with many also due to learn whether they have won a coveted place at university.

National A-level results show the proportion of exam entries awarded at least an A grade has fallen for the second year in a row, with 26.3% of entries scoring an A or A*, down from 26.6% in 2012 – a drop of 0.3%. It is believed to be the second biggest fall in the history of A-levels. The figures appear to show that demand for university has rallied after a drop-off last year – the year that fees were trebled to a maximum of £9,000 (US$14,000).
Full report on the Belfast Telegraph site
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