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University funding boost to cater for increased students

The Papua New Guinea government is pouring K500 million (US$222 million) into universities to roll out and upgrade programmes, in order to increase the intake of students coming out of secondary schools, Higher Education, Science and Research Technology Minister David Arore said last week, reports The National.

Arore said the government was looking at alleviating the bottleneck that had been imposed by the introduction of its free education policy. He said that primary and secondary schools had increased the number of students as a result of free education – but the space in tertiary institutions was very small.

The good news, he said, was that the government had decided to correct that deficiency by increasing funding to tertiary institutions.

“I must admit that we are revamping higher education,” he said. “I must also inform this house that as part of the commitment, the National Executive Council has approved the release of K500 million for the roll-out and rehabilitation of programmes at the seven universities in the country,” he said.
Full report on the Islands Business site
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