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Universities in neighbourly bid to attract US students

From Alan Wildeman’s office window, the Ambassador Bridge to the United States is “about a driver and two 3-woods away” – a few hundred metres, in golf parlance. So it is a source of frustration to the University of Windsor president that of 2,000 international students his university hosted this year from all corners of the world, only 82 came from south of the border, writes James Bradshaw for The Globe and Mail.

Betting that cost is the main barrier, the University of Windsor is creating a “US neighbour fee” that will charge undergraduates from the United States $10,000 per year – up to $10,000 less than what international students currently pay. The hope is that the university will nab some of the students planning to attend nearby schools such as Michigan University or Detroit’s Wayne State University.

While Canada’s international-student population has exploded to 265,377 students at all education levels, student traffic between Canada and the US – in both directions – levelled off years ago. The 76% spike in foreign students since 2002 has been built by successfully appealing to countries like China and India. Yet there is also growing recognition that Canada neglects its closest educational neighbours at its peril.
Full report on The Globe and Mail site
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