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University reform to hurt students

The Australian government’s recent proposed cuts to university funding and student loans will cost universities A$1 billion (US$1,02 billion) a year by 2017 and make it harder for people to balance study and work, the chief of the peak body for Australian universities said last week, write Bella Counihan and Sunanda Creagh for The Conversation.

Professor Sandra Harding, vice-chancellor of James Cook University and chair of Universities Australia, told the National Press Club that a new study funded by Universities Australia showed over 80% of full-time university students must find a job while studying. “A third of Australian undergraduate students said that they regularly miss classes because of employment obligations; and about 17% said that they regularly went without food or other necessities because they were unable to afford them,” she said.

Her comments follow the government’s announcement that it would fund the Gonski school reform plan by cutting $900 million from university funding, through an efficiency dividend on universities of 2% in 2014 and a further 1.25% in 2015.
Full report on The Conversation site
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